[Music] “Cry For Help” – Hometown

So I discovered this band in January, 2016.

I was a bit sad for Stereo Kicks because Louis Walsh manages both bands but he left SK being split up in July though. However these 6 Irish boys have such incredible voices and harmony.

Here are some thoughts on each member: (Please note that if anyone sings ‘just okay’, I won’t even bother mentioning, sorry.)

1. My favorite one is Cian. (Gosh just have a look at his full lip and his dreamy eyes and long eyelashes alr!) His voice sounds like Brad’s (from The Vamps) sometimes, even though Cian has a wider vocal range while Brad’s voice is somewhat thicker. And this man rocked ‘Take Me To Church’ chorus: https://youtu.be/ONmRtNNzYvM

2. Josh (blond and used to have braces, which is adorkable (idk why really but…)): Without the mics, his voice seem to be sunk by others’ voices as it isn’t as loud.

3. Dayl (his face looks like someone’s from Bastreetboys as people usually say): He’s got some freaking good dance moves (he danced in almost every live performance – check them out now!).

4. Brendan (looks like an emo kid somehow with cool clothes): He has an angelic voice! Dang girl, he can rock higher notes than you, I’m sure! He’s only 17, so I’m not sure if his puberty has come yet, but.. woah, let’s admire his ability for awhile. He also knows how to play the guitar, but usually Ryan will take the role.

5. Ryan (Idk..): He usually leads the songs but I’d rather let Cian lead (sorry, no war intended, it’s just my personal opinion). His guitar skills are fantastic!

6. Dean (da bad boi, he looks so mature and cool): He’s an amazing backup singer! (tbh they should let him show his individual ability instead..) And in a video, I caught him beatboxing along the music, and it sounds pretty smooth. Goodjob, Dean!

Their music, all in all, sounds good, feels good.


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