[Recap #ETA4] The One

You may wonder, why not Fireworks/Plastic Bag loops, Good Time or Beauty and the Beat, but The One (welp if you do not know The One is the name of a song, then it IS the name of a song performed by Kodaline – the favorite rock band of Quân and I). So I’ve known this song for long, but not until Quân turned it on during the potluck did I have such strong emotions about it. And I believe you guys, who happen to go along the same journey this July, have ’em too, so please please please, listen to the song as you are reading this recap.

‘Cause I knew
The first day that I met you
I was never gonna let you,
Let you slip away.

First of all, to Laura:

I saw you struggle during the first week but it always gets better day by day as you put so much effort into the lessons; and that is definitely what I admire most about you. You are such a great teacher Laura, you motivate us to go to ETA4 everyday (to hang out and obviously to breathe in knowledge every single day haha tbh I wouldn’t come if it was only about having fun), introduce us your very culture without hesitating (I promise would come to that Katz Delhi restaurant to get a sandwich were I in NYC!) and show us that you truly care about whatever we have in mind!! So yeah, SHOUTOUT TO THIS FANTASTICALLY FANTASTIC TEACHER EVERYONE!

I hope to have Indian food with you again one day though lol and yes I will try hummus and drown you in tons of pictures when I get to Israel! Wait for it and take care! (And I also believe I have written very cheesy lines in that notebook haha because ily ❤ ofc everyone loves Laura.)

To Quân (or Tớc, I do prefer this name):

I am totally amazed by how wild you become this summer. It all seems so riddiculous to me at first because you were the one who would take my recommendations and love ’em till your death (TPOBAW and Kodaline, am I right or am I wayyy too right hahaha) secretly, live quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite a quiet life and you also showed up at ETA4 as a grandpa; till you joined Cần hội and twerked did I realise that puberty really hit this guy hard (or hard enough). You are dynamic Quân, and every corner in this world needs a person like you to blow. them. away exactly as you did to me. Keep it up dude and I’m pretty sure you’ll get to wherever you want yourself to be at!

And also to Châu the substitute TA:

Everyone is in love with your accent, the way you dress and how decent and straight-forward you are when expressing personal thoughts. You really know how to cheer people up and I thank you for that 😀

To people in my Squad Thẩu – Thee – Plastic Bag – nạnh nùng boi – Joy – chị Đại – Len:


This was how Thee reacted to Thẩu and I recruiting bueduepeople for ETA4

My bueduepeople, you know me all too well. It was totally boring having you here because I hate dressing code and having breakfast with you cost me so much money. Like, seriously, I’d rather go to a class without your shameless jokes and laughters than see your joyful faces and sing along with you everyday (honestly saying you are never going to have angel voices like mine ugh). Totally regret asking you to come here. And also need to work more on my sarcasm lol. (Pardon me Thẩu as you once said you didn’t really enjoy how sarcastic I am hurhur..)

To Chụt:

Chụt is this one weird guy that makes you feel unsafe even though you’ve known him since forever because #slyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy and also this hashtag matches Thẩu. He is also good at what I am normally not good at (Athletics, nailed it).

To Sissies of the class, Tau Đang Phang – Vịt – Thục – An – Hà – Đồng – Nhân – Trâm – Duyên:

The Sissies here are not typical mature young ladies, but more like funky young ladies to me as you always bring up a refreshing perspective to the class. If Tớc – Mộng Chần – Bột – Plastic Bag were fire, you were definitely gasoline. Enthusiasm is what you’ve got, so please always spread it around because not everyone has that type of pixie dust!

To Mộng Chần (hờ hờ):

Welp it has been 3 weeks knowing you weehee!! I see you as the total opposite version of me and still, somehow we get along pretty good eh? Tbh I feel like it is so easy to talk about whatever I’m uneased about to you. I really do enjoy late night talks and all the chanh tuyết / smoothie xoài and bánh canh we’ve been through lol. I owe you the biggest ‘thank you’ though for always being there and helping me out whether I am ecstatic or crumpy asf!! Don’t worry bro, love would come around very very soon I’m sure of it 😉

And also you would never ever beat me in that Disney Emoji Blitz game because I’m wayyy too good lol.

To the twins, UNận & IPin:

Never thought you would be twins. But here you are. Shame on me.

Tbh, there is nothing that you should be ashamed about because you have never been like them ‘young buffaloes’, you are mature and you understand. That is what matters, really! Idk if you guys get along at home but your personalities are pretty much alike to me (or should I say, personality?). Thank you Nận for being our full-time photographer and Pin for not actually doing anything except thả thính-ing Thee and proving that you need to be put in a glasshouse due to your fragility.

To Giang and Hân:

I really appreciate your honesty and how engaging you are to the class’ activities. It has been nice talking little by little to you two (well, ‘you each’ to be exact because I never had the chance to talk to both of you at the same time) especially our conversation on Pets this very morning Hân haha I love it so much!!

And also, fooling you two during Werewolves is my honor!! =))

To the rest of the class, even though I cannot really remember all of your names (pardon me, I was born a Dory), you guys are unique individuals and your contributions to the class are definitely remarkable!! It is just that I am a Dory, and also too introvert to come around and actually say hi :(( But we had fun together didn’t we?

I love you all. C2 awesome!

You make my heart feel like it’s summer
When the rain is pouring down
You make my whole world feel so right when it’s wrong
That’s how I know you are the one

To anh Bột:



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