is real [p2]: Hanukkah edition

It’s the second vacay day and I’m 121 pages through Persepolis. Reading just got a bit tedious so I thought writing would be fun. Also, I’m waiting for others to spend the night in the Neve Sha’anan neighborhood, and my playlist seems to bore out my lovely host.

Check-in: Jaffa, Israel // future check-in: Berat, Albania but let’s leave it till next week

Stuff we’ve done for the last two days: checking out Happiness and Cyanide, going to the Flea Market, having Baklavas again after two months, wandering through streets of the Old City, making wishes at the Wishing Bridge (meeting a woman who shares the same birthday), staying wayyy too long at Julien Roux’ place, enjoying seafood at the Port, waking up at 5am to catch the sunrise, having lunch at one of the so-called “gated communities” and

cooking phở! (//drum rolls) #bestshabbat

It was fun seeing Israelis choking on chillies.

Neve Sha’anan was lit!

Meeting Shoshke because we’re big fans and we were lucky asf. Jazz show, chilling on a cheap sofa and free donuts. I accidentally dusted myself with the sugar powder. More Asian food, this time in a foodstall. Cheaper and it tasted okay! Found Asian snacks, spice and ingredients. Ido loved the snacks and we ate them while watching Mr. Nobody + Sausage Party + Spirited Away.

Shopping morning: apparently Castro did not have anything my size. Bought a scarf because I needed one and also when I walked into the store, it turned on “Champs-Elysées”. Bought a grandma’s coat (big ol’ coat!) because I liked loose stuff, and it looked good on me (no?). Bought a boho dress because the seller was too pretty and she suggested that one. It was raining so hard at some points, the umbrella couldn’t take it well, I wetted my shoes and whatnot.

I cooked more food, specifically fried rice and curry. They were good because I’m an awesome cook. We cooked spring rolls and they were good as well because I fried them (jk).

La La Land was amazing though the end was fucked up. The music tho.

First Hanukkah was fantastic. Watching people lighting candles was fascinating. Throw back to the Jews’ joke in a long long queue in Ataturk airport the other day: Shall we light Hanukkah candles? I’ve got some in my bag!”




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