is real [p3]: a necessary blog post (back-to-school edition)

– Check is real [p1], this series is dedicated to my self-exploring journey, which (un)fortunately (idk which adj would do reality justice, yet) takes place in this little state of Israel.)

I have just come back to Hue after my last vacation in Quang Nam, and road trips tend to tire me out. Hence, instead of writing essays, I am going to rant, and I have legit no idea when this post is going to end. Stay for a while if you’d like, hehe.

I may have to say I am a little ashamed of myself last year. The last month in Vietnam and a lot of thought processes (partially for my CommonApp essay) have turned me back to who I confidently was, plus some good things of what I’ve learned during is real, of course. But I have to confess that at times I was not myself, I was not feeling well and I did not know how to bring that self out of my awkward cover. Eventually, I lost myself  – other people say “different” – but no I lost it, sadly. And now, I invite myself, and whoever is reading this post, (comfortable) me 2017:

  1. My closet is 50% navy blue, 30% white, 10% black and 10% others – smart casual is amazing. You may see me trying clothes with different colors but in the end, I’ll probably return them :>
  2. My music is messy, but hey, you wouldn’t say that’s it’s awful. I like a variety of English, French, Vietnamese and sometimes Kpop and I love to share songs with you (only if you wish to).
  3. I wouldn’t describe myself as straightforward, but honest.
  4. I get emotional easily and I believe crying would relieve some stress, therefore I have a compulsory monthly crying session.
  5. I have OCD and FOMO – my social media accounts approve this lmao.
  6. My FOMO disappears when I’m with a good book.
  7. I eat salad!!! Also, don’t drink sugary stuff and reduce my consumption of meat hehe.
  8. Chairing is better than delegating!
  9. Sort of know how to do my makeup? Italy taught me hehe thanks.
  10. Also, know how to drink. Mom looks at me anxiously but that’s alright.
  11. Hardworking, ambitious, know good puns and cheap&dirty jokes
  12. Enjoy art c:

Yay that’s me and yes tough time is coming and I’m not academically ready but I’m hoping my mentality is okay – will crash down at some point but I have people to talk to!!


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