is real [p5]: Deck the Dec

Some appreciation towards December:


– Youtube Rewind 2017 is officially out ( I actually don’t like it as much as others, partially because recent ones (2016 and 2017) just have too much meaningless dancing to mainstream songs, and because I didn’t manage to recognize as many faces in the video as I would have in previous years. I am not blaming the IB for taking away my Youtube life, but it is what it is. I know one-fourth of these people, while I can name literally everyone in 2014 and 2015. But hey, congrats to my dearest thatcher Joe Sugg for finally making it to the screen. You are awesome. Stay awesome.


– It snows again on WordPress! Like I always say, the year doesn’t end without snow on WordPress, Youtube Rewind and United State of Pop (yalla Earworm!!!).


– It is finally rainy and windy here! I just cannot stress how much I love this gloomy weather. Tip: wear the heaviest things so that the wind cannot blow you away and go for a walk against it. Feel the light rain, get an umbrella for the heavy rain. Open the curtain so that the first things you see in the morning are clouds and greens. Wear socks, make hot chocolate. Write essays (about time).


– The black sofa in the school building is awesome. Also, the bulletin board that the announcement team has decorated. I’m so excited for the winter break, I mean, who wouldn’t want to come to where Jesus was born on Christmas?



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